Cancer & Metabolism welcomes studies on all aspects of the relationship between cancer and metabolism, including:

  • Molecular biology and genetics of cancer metabolism
  • Whole-body metabolism, including diabetes and obesity, in relation to cancer
  • Metabolomics in relation to cancer
  • Metabolism-based imaging
  • Preclinical and clinical studies of metabolism-related cancer therapies


  • Chi Van Dang, Abramson Cancer Centre, University of Pennsylvania
  • Michael Pollak, McGill University and Lady Davis Research Institute

Senior Editors

  • Kevin Brindle, University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK
  • Navdeep Chandel, Northwestern University
  • Ralph DeBerardinis, University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center
  • Eyal Gottlieb, Beatson Institute for Cancer Research
  • Matthew Vander Heiden, Koch Institute at MIT


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Editor profiles

Chi Van Dang

Chi Van Dang, MD, PhD is a professor, physician-researcher, renowned cancer biologist and hematologist-oncologist, who serves as director of the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

"After several decades of profound advances in our understanding of the genetics and molecular biology of cancer, it has become self-evident that metabolism and bioenergetics are regulated by cancer genes and are intimately linked to the growth and survival of cancer cells. The obesity pandemic connected to increased cancer risk further underscore the importance of a richer understanding of cancer and organismal metabolism. In this regard, Cancer & Metabolism is launched uniquely to fulfil the needs of a burgeoning field which is at the crossroads of many scientific disciplines."

Michael Pollak

Dr Michael N. Pollak is an internationally recognised expert in cancer endocrinology at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research of McGill University and a clinical oncologist at the Jewish General Hospital, Quebec, Canada.

"Cancer & Metabolism will provide a forum for rapid dissemination of research findings concerning metabolic factors that influence cancer risk and cancer pathophysiology, and cancer treatment. The scope of the Journal will allow for an interdisciplinary readership including cancer biologists, endocrinologists, oncologists, clinical trialists and population scientists."


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